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A Guide to the Top Pilsner Beers in Jersey: The Ultimate List


Discover the greatest Pilsner beers in Jersey with the help of our in-depth guide, which covers everything from traditional Czech Pilsners to hoppy American variants of this style of beer.

Pilsner beer is a well-known type of lager that was first brewed and consumed in the Czech Republic in the 19th century. It is well-known for having a taste that is crisp and clean, and it has a golden hue. Because of these characteristics, beer aficionados all over the world find it to be a refreshing choice. There are a number of craft brewers in Jersey, each of which puts their own distinctive spin on the traditional style of pilsner beer that they produce. In this article, we will take you on a tour to discover the finest Pilsner beers that Jersey has to offer, including their distinctive qualities, flavors, and locations.



Best Pilsner Beers in Jersey:

Beer brewed by Carton Brewing Company called Boat.
Boat Beer, brewed by Carton Brewing Company, is a traditional American Pilsner that has a flavor profile that is light, refreshing, and carries a note of citrus. A unique combination of hops, including Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook, is used in the brewing process, which contributes to the beer’s dry and refreshing aftertaste. You can get this beer on tap or in cans any time of the year; it’s always available.

Czig Meister Brewing Company’s Pivo Czech Pils is a classic example of the kind.
Pivo Czech Pils, brewed by Czig Meister Brewing Company, is a classic example of the Czech Pilsner style that pays attention to the origins of the kind. Saaz hops are used in the brewing process, which contributes to the beer’s floral and spicy scent as well as its slightly bitter flavor. The beer was given multiple accolades, including a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2018. You can get it both on draft and in cans.

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Copper Legend is a craft lager produced by Jack’s Abby.
Pilsner produced in the manner of Oktoberfest by Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers, Copper Legend features German malts and hops in its ingredient list. Because it has a flavor that is similar to caramel and a finish that is crisp, this beer is ideal for sipping on throughout the autumn months. Both draft and canned versions of the beer are offered to customers.



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Keller Pils is a product of the Jersey Cyclone Brewing Company.
Keller Pils, produced by Jersey Cyclone Brewing Company, is an unfiltered German-style Pilsner that is made using noble hops and German malts. Keller Pils is a product of the German Pilsner style. It has a somewhat hazy appearance, and the finish is dry and crisp, making it a versatile beverage that is perfect for any event. Both draft and canned versions of the beer are offered to customers.

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Magnify Brewing Company is the brewer of Ein Prosit.
Magnify Brewing Company’s Ein Prosit is a Pilsner made in the German tradition and brewed with Hallertau hops and grains sourced from Germany. The perfume is floral and spicy, and the flavor is smooth and clean, with a hint of bitterness at the conclusion. Both draft and canned versions of the beer are offered to customers.


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What are some foods that go well with Pilsner beer?
A: You can enjoy a Pilsner beer with a wide variety of things, such as grilled meats and shellfish, spicy dishes, salads, and even salad dressings.

The distinction between a Czech Pilsner and a German Pilsner may be summed up in one question:
A: Pilsners from the Czech Republic are famous for their floral and spicy aroma, while Pilsners from Germany are famous for their slightly bitter flavor.

Can I purchase Pilsner beers throughout the year in Jersey?
A: The vast majority of Jersey’s craft breweries do, in fact, provide pilsners throughout the year, even if some of them tweak their recipes to reflect the changing seasons.


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Pilsner beer is an adaptable and refreshing option for beer lovers, and the craft brewers in Jersey produce some of the greatest Pilsner beers available anywhere. There is a conventional Czech Pilsner and a hoppy American variant of the Pilsner style of beer, so there is a Pilsner for every taste. Use our guide to locate the best Pilsner beers in Jersey, and treat yourself to a glass of something light and flavorful today.