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Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater


Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater

Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater
Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater


Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t associate beer with Christmas. Maybe you think of Budweiser as an appropriately festive drink for the season, or maybe you reserve Yuengling for your Thanksgiving festivities. But what about Pabst Blue Ribbon? For years, Pabst Blue Ribbon has been associated with ugly Christmas sweaters. But is this really the case? And if not, why does the brand get so much hate? In this blog post, we will explore the history and controversy around Pabst Blue Ribbon and their infamous Ugly Christmas Sweater. We will also discuss whether or not the product is actually all that bad, and whether or not people are overreacting to it.

What is Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon is a unique, dark lager that has been made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1844. The beer is named after Jacob Pabst, a German immigrant who founded the company. Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon is available in cans and bottles, and can be found in most convenience stores. The beer has a fruity taste with a moderate bitterness.

History of Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon

Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon is a brand of beer that is most popular in the United States. The company was founded in 1844 by Jacob and Charles Pabst. In 1873, they created a recipe for a bock beer, which became their biggest seller. They changed the name of their product to “Pabst Blue Ribbon” in 1876.

In 1898, Frederick Pabst took over the company and made it into one of the largest brewers in America. He renamed the company “Pabst Brewing Company”. In 1899, he began production of a light beer called “Pabst Golden Lager”. In 1904, he introduced another light beer called “Pabst White Lager”.

In 1925, Fred Pabst sold the company to Joseph Schlitz who changed the name to “Schlitz-Brewing Company”. He also began production of an ale called “Schlitz All-American Draft Beer”. In 1945, Joseph Schlitz sold the company to Anheuser-Busch.

In 1956, Budweiser acquired Schlitz-Brewing Company and renamed it Budweiser Corporation. In 1966, Budweiser merged with Miller Brewing Company creating A-B Corp. The combined brewery produced more than 500 different brands of beer including Budweiser, Miller Lite and Coors Light.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Looking for something a little different to wear this holiday season? Why not try out a Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater! This festive sweater features the iconic blue and white logo of the beer company, as well as a large Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the front. Not only is this sweater unique, but it’s also sure to get you in the holiday spirit. So why not add it to your wardrobe today?

How to make the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Making a Ugly Christmas Sweater is easy if you have the right materials. Here are the steps:

1. Choose your fabric. A thick wool sweater will make the sweater more comfortable to wear, but a flimsy fabric will not hold its shape well. You can use any kind of fabric that you like, as long as it is thick enough to keep its shape.

2. Cut out the sweaters pieces. The easiest way to do this is to cut out two identical copies of your pattern, one for front and one for back. You’ll also need two rectangles of fabric for the front and back necklines, an inch wider than your finished sweater width and an inch longer than your finished sweater length.

3. Sew the pieces together. You’ll need a straight sew line on both sides of each piece, so be sure to follow your pattern closely and make sure all seams are even and smooth. Trim the excess Fabric from around each seam afterwards.



-One beer pabst blue ribbon sweater
-One yard of fabric
-Two 1.5 inch buttons
-Ruler or measuring tape

1. Cut the sweater into a shirt and pants pattern using a ruler or measuring tape. Be sure to leave enough length so that you can sew the sides together.
2. Sew the shirt and pants together using a straight stitch, making sure not to stretch the fabric too much while sewing.
3. Find two 1.5 inch buttons and place them evenly on either end of the shirt collar. Sew them in place using a zigzag stitch.
4. Take one end of the fabric and fold it in half, then press it down evenly onto the front of the shirt collar (as shown in picture). Make sure that this fold aligns with both button placements on the shirt collar (see picture). Then use a straight stitch to sew it down (see picture).
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other side of the fabric, then press both ends of fabric down once again (see picture). You now have two folded “tabs” from step 2 that you can attach to each side of your beer pabst blue ribbon Ugly Christmas Sweater!


If you’re feeling festive and need a little something extra to wear on Christmas morning, why not try out a Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon ugly Christmas sweater! This classic sweater is sure to make anyones holiday cheerfulness skyrocket.

To get started, all you need is some old clothes that you don’t wear very often (or anything at all!) and a good pair of scissors. The first step is to measure your torso circumference. Next, use the measurements to find the size of yarn needed for the sweater. Finally, just crochet or sew the pieces together using a basic stitch!

If you don’t have any crochet skills or want to take things a step further, there are plenty of patterns online that will walk you through the process! If crocheting isn’t your thing, then fear not – this Ugly Christmas Sweater can also be made in any other way you like!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make yourself one of these AWESOME sweaters – it’s guaranteed to brighten up your day (and make everyone else’s envy!).

Finished Product!

This year, Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon decided to put their unique spin on the ugly holiday sweater. The company released a “Ugly Christmas Sweater” that is comprised of a grey sweatshirt with a light blue and white beer logo on the front, and matching dark blue sweatpants. The sweater is made out of 100% recycled materials, and each one is hand-made in the U.S.A. Proceeds from sales of the sweater will benefit environmental charities.

The sweaters are available now at select retailers, including Urban Outfitters, and can be ordered online at


If you’re a fan of beer, then this ugly Christmas sweater is definitely for you! Not only is it super stylish, but it also has a funny story behind it. According to the legend, back in 1844 Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon teamed up with illustrator Rudolph Weintraub to create an ugly sweater for the holiday season. The goal? To get people to drink more beer! Needless to say, the plan worked and the company became one of America’s most iconic brands. If you’re looking for a unique yet stylish gift idea for your favorite beer lover, then consider purchasing this sweater today.

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