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Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster


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My 8 year old Mikey… I didn’t even know he was up there until he yelled “Mama take my picture”….my heart stopped then I gave him a thumbs up…bravest kid I know. Proud papa moment right there! Hats off to you and mumma for giving him strength and support to go for it!. Love that he is rocking his long blonde hair too – my son had a similiar look at that age. Sending Christmas wishes from Brissy to you & the fam . First of all…. i love Chris Hemsworth. Second, Australians grow up basically with nature. Chris told stories of how he would play bare footed catching snakes with his brothers. Us Americans not so much the same upbringing especially if you live in a… See More. Great photo. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas . Truly! That’s amazing stuff! I wish I had children, but I have health issues so I’m not yet sure if it’s meant to be or not. Plus I’m still waiting for the right person, you know? I’m waiting because it’s Gods timing and I tried everything and nothing … See More Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster

Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster

Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster 3

Lol Merry Christmas from Whitehorse Yukon Territory! Hope Santa is good to your & your awesome family!. Even in the background you stand out Merry Christmas.. Merry Christmas don t drink or eat too much Turkey have good one with all your friends and family and from round the world enjoy to you and your family from northern Ireland. Does Elsa have a twin?. undefined. I was looking for you in the foreground! . Loving the photo. . Merry Christmas ♡. You’re definitely hot, but your humor is what makes you incredible! . You are hilarious Chris!!! Happy Yule and Christmas to you and yours. We are having unseasonably warm sunny weather in Cleveland, OH so I’m going hiking very soon…. Metal on Thor! \m/. Bon Nadal from Menorca island ( Spain ) to all the family!!! Enjoy the holiday time and all the best for the new year Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster

Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster

Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster 2

Feliz Navidad from the hot and humid Northern Territory. Merry Christmas all the way from Sunny South Africa !!. To be fair… be happy the Russo Brothers didn’t kill you off. Maybe you can fight Grandpa Wolverine.. Hahaha
Love your sense of humour!. You are so funny! . Merry Christmas to you… Hi guys we are burning on the south coast. It is so scary could we organise a fundraiser with your support please ? I work for a community preschool …. Ok I’m gonna say it to see if I get it right. Chris for the next James Bond! Yeah baby! Perfect for the role.. Look thinner standing in the back?! Merry Xmas!. Merry Christmas!. Merry Christmas to you.. nice photo, everyone looks happy, but my goodness, look at the bones showing on all the girls, you can see all their ribs……someone feed them, looks horrible . Nobody puts Chris at the back of the family photo s

Cycling Man Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass poster 1

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to your Family, family is so important in our lives, so when we can, getting them together for these special occasions its pricless xxx. Merry Christmas Hemsworth family! Don’t worry too much Chris, they only talk about you because they love you!!!. It’s hard to know how to include someone who walks on water…Merry Christmas, Chris, comedic genius!. Chris getting ready to unleash lightning by the back. He’s got cheese whi.. I mean lightning coursing through his veins. Have a great Christmas Chris.. Even the dog’s deserted you!
On a brighter note, you’ve got the pool all to yourself. I’d be going for a swim and making the most of it. . Merry Christmas. You’re hilarious! Merry Christmas to you and your family . I got a new puppy for Christmas. at 50. I got my first dog at 50. And worth every year of wait!

Chris, dear Lad, my . Love this couple but some one feed them women!!!! All I can see is bones! Not very sensible…….. That “It Follows” sequel looks incredible.. Merry Christmas to you. I’d come over but I’m in Coogee. Thor is in the back hahaha well done chris Merry Christmas to you and family. I love your sense of humor! You must drive your wife crazy! . Merry Christmas from Québec, Canada and the snow!. Why are you standing back there?. Is that Chris way back there being part of the family? . There is always one in each family . Always welcome to come to mine Chris?. Dear Chris , these women need a good piece of steak and some mash to go with it. Pic really shows how they’re making you feel part of the family /s. Where’s Waldo??? . What is with the skeletal chests