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Camo US Navy Veteran hawaiian shirt and hoodie


Sienna Thea HeadI agree. I like Max but Red Bull and Merc are awful. Sick of both teams.1 . Nicholas Alexander CovichHe’s married to ginger spice from the spice girls, he’s a celebrity  . Dion StollJason Sykes – because football team managers are never given airtime before or after a match! What is your actual point other than you obviously don’t like Horner and evidently don’t understand the contracted media requirements that bring you the ‘stories’ behind the races. 1 . Matthias De ScheerderJason Sykes Horner comes from racing up to F3000, then had his own F3000 team, then jumped up to F1 when RBR started there. If that’s children’s TV to you then what channel is it because I’m tuning in mate.2 . Stuart KnappsteinMatthias De Scheerder he clearly has NFI.1 . Top FanTapas DasCheco the perfect team man. Max must be thankful to him and appreciate his selflessness. Checo didn’t race him, let him pass comfortably.405  Camo US Navy Veteran hawaiian shirt

Camo US Navy Veteran hawaiian shirt and hoodie

Camo US Navy Veteran hoodie

Muhammad Nayab ButtMostly people are praising rb / max because they are tired of Hamilton and Merc dominance I must say merc has really dominated for so long. Moreover, i just hope it does not end up like ferarri of 2017 for RB.Also it would be great to see how Hamilton’s experience can come handy on crunch situations(if he is better than max in this season)I dont have any favourites(because i am kind of new to f1) and as a neutral it is great to see and admire without biases 15 . Boet MfuphiThey should enjoy it while it lasts can’t take that away from them, because the rest will be history soon. When all they will be seeing is the Petronas/Ineos logo of the Mercs stuck in turbulent air all season.62 . Top FanBenjamin CollinsShamilton always gets caught out when he’s under pressure. Just ask Nico and Jenson!44 . Top FanParag SanyalIn this French GP Redbull totally outplayed Marcedes both in terms of Strategy and Driving. Awesome race, made my day12  Camo US Navy Veteran hawaiian shirt

Camo US Navy Veteran hawaiian shirt and hoodie

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