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Claws Crocs


Claws Crocs

Claws Crocs
Claws Crocs

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With Crocs Natural Family Fun Slipper, you can enjoy outdoor activities worry free, because it has a lot of ventilation holes around the slipper and on the surface of the slippers there are many ventilation holes, drainage helps the feet stay ventilated. It’s made of 100% eva and is resistant to the impact of weather such as rain, sunshine … at the same time is resistant to the destruction of chemicals. You will love how comfortable these family friendly slippers are!

Claw’s Crocs’ Waterproof Clogs are designed to protect your feet. Whether you’re walking through the rain, or lounging on the beach all day, these crocs’ will protect your feet from the harshest of conditions! They’re made of 100% EVA and are resistant to the impact of weather such as rain, sunshine… at the same time is resistant to the destruction of chemicals. These clogs also have a built-in drainage hole so that your feet stay cool and dry. They even include a reinforced toe for added durability. And with its stylish design and interchangeable rings, these crocs can be worn with any outfit for added comfort!

Claws Crocs

The Claw Crocs kids high top water shoes are light, comfortable and high quality. The slippers have a rubber sole that will stay on your foot after you’ve shed them and made your way through the water, keeping those little feet safe from the spikes of the creeks, rivers and lakes!

The Claw is a casual and classic slip-on shoe perfect for the daily grind. Its premium leather uppers, plush textile footbed and clog-inspired rubber outsoles are designed to deliver all day comfort, while its ergonomic design provides a better fit.

This Crocs Crocband rain resistant steel toe clogs are made of 100% eva, which keeps the surface of the bottom breathable. The innovative design is ideal for your daily hikes and rainy days as it comes in different sizes to fit comfortably.

Made of 100% EVA, this Crocs with claws provides the ultimate in water resistance and comfort. The boots feature a reflective design for added visibility in low light conditions and are designed to offer all-day comfort with a lightweight, flexible sole.

The Crocs Claw slippers are a great alternative to traditional rubber/latex shoes. Constructed with premium quality EVA and a durable sole, these slip-ons will keep your feet cool and comfortable. With a superior comfort factor, you’ll find that it is easy to wear these around all day long.

For a perfect fit and maximum comfort, these Crocs are secured with an adjustable strap. The flexible sole gives you freedom of movement and the criss-crossed treads provide all-day traction on wet surfaces. Crafted from 100% EVA to protect your feet from dirt and damage

This crocs is made of 100% eva, effective waterproofing, resistant to the impact of weather, sunshine … at the same time , resistant to chemicals. Light weight and environmentally friendly without mold. Around the slippers and on the surface of the slippers there are many ventilation holes, helping you stay ventilated , cool and comfortable

Claws Crocs

These crocs are very comfortable and resistant. It’s great for outdoor use and everyday casual wear, as well as rainy days. These slippers have ventilation holes to help with proper foot circulation while lounging around the house all day. Made of durable EVA materials that are super flexible and lightweight, these slippers are made to withstand regular wear and tear. With a variety of sizes available, you will find the best fit for your feet!

The Claws Crocs® is a classic but durable and super comfortable crocs style. It features a non-slip cover, round toe and pull tabs along the back of the shoe to help you get a secure fit. The integrated heel strap makes it easy to slip on and off. With so many ventilation holes in the front that are big enough for your toes, this is truly an all-day walker with built in foot protection.

Crocs® Claws are 100% eva rubber, a durable yet flexible material that allows feet to breathe, keep their natural shape, and dry quickly. With moisture-wicking properties and anti-bacterial waterproof coating, Crocs® Claws Crocs™ Soles for Men Women Children Adults are an excellent choice for travel or leisure activities.

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