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Flamingo’s surfing hawaiian shirt and shorts


Jackie WTWorked all day but caught the highlights and he got that 52 lap but you keep at it. You will prevail. 18 . Mirko SeghezziJackie WT max con la stessa macchina lo mangia a colazione!8 . Top FanRounak ChakrabortyMirko Seghezzi redbull were way faster in the straight. watch the qualifying once again and you’ll notice that they were 3 tenths quicker also rb were running a low downforce setup . Top FanManvel FernandesMercedes strategy for today’s race was just horrible. I doubt whether Bottas is any more part of their team. He said several times he was struggling with tyres, but the Mercedes team was no mood to pit him. That was truly unfair.98 . Ashley SivePremature celebrations . Mercedes is not out of the game yet. This has always been Merc’s emo. Let the little ones run up front and have a good time so that they don’t cry too much when they lose in the end. Trying out different strategies is how Mercedes works, best is yet to come. They’ve proven over the years how good they are at this. Pay attention. 122  Flamingo’s surfing hawaiian shirt

Flamingo’s surfing hawaiian shirt and shorts

Flamingo's surfing hawaiian shirt

Diogo Miguel FerreiraI believe bottas is already out of MB being substituted by Russel next year. That’s why he doing a terrible season. Excellent race strategy by RB today that caught everyone surprised.2 . Bragadish RavichandranHeartiest Congratulations, Max for a well deserved victory and passing Hamilton on the closing stages in a tightly matched race between Redbull and Mercedes!!! Also equally great drive by Checo to come home P3 for the first double podium finish by Redbull and completing the P1-P3 finish!!! Go the Redbulls, Vamos Checo and Mad Max!!!111 . Top FanArvind NavarathnaAwesome drive Max, amazing overtakes Lewis could not do much. Bravo Max and Red Bull!6 . Hichem VvtBreathtaking race !!Absolutely magnificent drive from max and checo.6 . Ratan SinghThat RB can get the better MB in a non-street circuit hold great hope for Redbull in the Championship race this season.3 . Top FanSawood AhamedSeason looks great as all teams are fighting. Not like last 2 season were single team dominates  Flamingo’s surfing hawaiian shirt

Flamingo’s surfing hawaiian shirt and shorts

Flamingo's surfing hawaiian shorts

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