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FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt


FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt

FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt
FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt


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Discovering the FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt was an exciting journey. This is an exclusive shirt that is only available online

The simple wooden buttons and made in Italy logos show that there is no expense spared when it comes to polo shirts like these.

The buttons are constructed in a traditional way and designed to last, exactly what you’d want from an item of clothing like this. There are three slanted external pockets on the front of the shirt for some storage and more external buttons for comfort.

Will love this 3D football shirt from FSV Mainz 05!

In the wake of any successful club on the planet, huge number of jerseys and sportswear will get launched. Here at PUMKIN Limited, with our own home-grown designs and brands covering big clubs to lesser known – we have something for everyone!

At the moment, our highlight we think you should not miss is FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt! If you are a collector or looking for gift ideas for your favourite football fan then you need to have this one in your team’s gear arsenal.

It will be hard getting over that classy looking Mainz stitch pattern printed on the chest of this new polo shirt while collared embellishments plus ribbon wrist long sleeves and embroidered FSV embroidery add that perfect detail. Further the cling look (that doesn’t shrink or fade) won’t disappoint at good taste rates with plenty a mile.

Infant jersey is made of ultra-durable, 100% polyester peached waffle fabric

The colors on the all-over print are very bold and vibrant. On the front of this 3D polo shirt is a screen printed team logo that has a rock look to it.

Discover the FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt presented at A sharp design where you go down the field, score and celebrate with a high five against your shirt that says what you’re thinking What would you do, if in this moment somebody said: You are old! You won’t make it. When you retort: I will prove them wrong!

Eleven virtues of a professional footballer

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FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt
FSV Mainz 05 3D Bundesliga Polo Shirt