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What Aloha Means To HAMMS


The word, aloha, is a term of endearment in Hawaiian culture. It is a compassionate greeting, often used in greeting to friends and family. The word aloha literally means “love” in Hawaiian and is used to express the love of the Hawaiian culture. The word, aloha, is often used as a greeting when meeting someone. By the end of the day, it can be used to say goodbye.


1. What does aloha mean to you?


Aloha means peace and love to me. It is a way of life that I have experienced from Hawaii, my home. I will always be grateful for the ways in which aloha has contributed to my life.


2. Aloha in the Hawaiian culture


Aloha is a greeting in many languages, and it is a greeting that is often used in Hawaii. The word “aloha” is a contraction of the words “he ō wai” or “he ō we” which mean “the breath of life.” The word “aloha” is often used in Hawaii to mean “hello,” “goodbye,” “love you,” and “thank you.” The word “aloha” is also used to describe a state of mind or a feeling that one has.


3. History of the word aloha


The word aloha has been used in Hawaii since the 18th century. It is a Hawaiian word that means “love, affection, or friendship.” Aloha is often associated with lei, which is a garland worn by Polynesian women to honor the gods and their ancestors. Aloha can also be used to express a feeling of “good-bye” in an emotional sense, as in “Aloha, I’ll see you later.” The word aloha is also used to describe the act of waving, as in “Aloha, please wave to the governor.”


4. Conclusion.


HAMMS is a volunteer organization that provides free medical services to the homeless in Honolulu. The organization has been open since the early 1990s and has served thousands of people. HAMMS provides first aid, medical care, social services, and education for the homeless. HAMMS was started by a group of students in 1993 to provide free medical care to the homeless. The organization has served thousands of people.