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Haunted Mansion hawaiian shirt


So DAM creative. Now let me go buy it. VERT Cool idea and photos!! . Mad ting jamaicans are so creative. € 20 for life – August 2021 Haunted Mansion hawaiian shirt Dears, we are volunteers in support of the Scavo family and the race against time to save little Paolo, from Valenzano (Bari). Paul urgently needs to feel that humanity and fraternity can unleash heaven. We have 1 MONTH to reach 2 million euros. Together we can! We have to! THE PROPOSAL / REQUEST SUPPORT US in spreading this idea: Donate € 20 for Paolo’s life. A figure that is not too high, but that can make a difference. If every family makes this gesture by August, we can let Paolo fly to America and he will receive his life-saving drug! Fundraising is safe because it is under the protection of the Juvenile Court of Bari. THE ATTEMPTS MADE After many attempts in recent months, also with the support of the province of the Friars Minor of Puglia and Molise, many doors shuted in face, roads traveled to raise awareness (Tg3, Striscia la notizia, Teledue, Telenorba, local broadcasters, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, president Soldi, associations) and people contacted who have worked hard for Paolo (some of which are Bianca Guaccero, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Antonio Di Gennaro, Riccardo Fogli, Silvia Mezzanotte, Uccio de Santis and Eleonora Daniele), Italian and non-Italian foundations … unfortunately we are far from the goal. Below you will find the details of the story of little Paolo … the more people we reach, the more strength we will have! HISTORY Paolo Scavo, is 22 months old and lives in Valenzano (Bari) with his parents and his brother. At the age of one month he had a severe respiratory crisis following which he was discovered to be suffering from a rare disease, the Sma type 1, the most severe form. Unfortunately, this disease, in addition to compromising the muscles for normal arm and leg movements, also compromises those for breathing and swallowing. Paolo, to date, is not sitting, he does not manage to grasp objects, he no longer smiles. For the little one, there is a great possibility: a gene therapy capable of improving his living conditions. Paolo needs ZOLGENSMA, a drug that was approved in Italy on March 10, 2021, excluding children with tracheostomy. Paolo was EXCLUDED from free treatment in Italy because he has a tracheostomy. The only possibility for him would be to fly to America (Boston) to undergo the administration of the drug which costs 2,100,000 dollars. ZONGELSMA cannot be taken after the second year of age, and is most effective when injected immediately. If Paolo does not receive gene therapy by September, his life expectancy will be drastically reduced. Unfortunately, the amount collected so far is only 1/4 of the total! We therefore ask you to spread Paul’s story among your contacts by giving voice to a desire for LIFE and, for those who can, to support the family in collecting the amount necessary to face the treatment against SMA 1. Below, for those who wish, you will find the coordinates of the current account of Francesca, Paolo’s mother. IBAN: IT36J0760104000001028064572 TO: Vita Francesca Molinari REASON: donation for Paolo For transfers from abroad Swift code: BPPIITRRXXX DONATION THROUGH PAYPAL let’s help you We are at your disposal for any questions. THANKS TO ALL! “What we do is just a drop in the ocean. But if there were not that drop in the ocean it would be missing. ”

Haunted Mansion hawaiian shirt

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Haunted Mansion hawaiian shirt

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