There are many ideas about Hippie. Hippie is the one who cherishes life to the fullest. Propagating peace, love and happiness, not only propagating them, they also stand up to fight, live for it. Anyone can be a hippie, not just dirty individuals, dreaded hair, wearing tie-dyed shirts, smoking marijuana. Hippie is a man who looks at the negative definitions of them and can only shake his head thinking how sad it is that people no longer have the ability to dream of a world we have all been told to strive for it as a child.

Poster The soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie the spirit of a warrior

A person who loves people without prejudice. A person does not obey what is imposed by society, but obey ideas of peace and freedom. Not always living in hallucinations under the influence of psychoactive substances, psychedelics, cannabis or other drugs, a common misunderstanding. General ambition about a heavenly utopia, a nation like heaven. They fought against the war, many were vegetarians, and protested nonviolently. A person is confident enough, comfortable with himself that they no longer judge anyone. They are usually cheerful people and tend to spread their joy wherever they are. A true hippie doesn’t classify themselves according to their dress style, but what they do. A person believes in values ​​such as peace, love and happiness

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