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Horse 3D Fleece blanket


Horse 3D Fleece blanket

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I love these Dodo films amazing…they make be feel fuzzy inside…thank you to all the amazing people that help refreshing to see the good rather than the bad Wonderful to see them to put their own life and health at risk to save this beautiful horse although the horse is really tired from all the fighting it almost looks like she is thanking them before running off. Thank you for saving her, and she is now safe. You were wonderfulto help herin this way. Oh! am glad she found her foal O.K as well. She is a beautiful looking horse.. Would love to have seen her foal too.

Thank God they got there in time! A few more hours and I think she would be in for her life! Thank you guys!! May God blessings pours on you for being such a caring souls!! I love the way both the man and woman reassured the horse and how gentle and loving they were. She spoke softly which must have helped. Great rescue!! I wonder if its leg had gone to sleep.. looks all good now, anyway. Kudos to these fine folks!