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Jameson Hawaiian Shirt


Jameson Hawaiian Shirt

Jameson Hawaiian Shirt
Jameson Hawaiian Shirt

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Will it sound mystical? Will it work in reality? Is it timeless? All of these were some interesting questions when we thought of designing the original Hawaiian word marks. Daniel Casertano from Jameson boutique, who worked with the brand on time to time, introduced his opinions about these representations and asked for feedback.

PR has been just a cliche, a need, you have to go get the Baywatch shirt. JSH gets the color right and it fits perfectly! With this brand JSH wraps the mood of Hawaii perfectly.

Jameson is a Greek brand and currently a part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev group, a giant beer company.



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Jameson Hawaiian Shirt

In the SHOT, trendy and long-tail preppy shirts have become quite popular. That’s why I decided to take a look at this trend and what it represents.

Let’s say you are changing store’s clothes floor in order to avoid announcing your arrival specifically on days which require the highest degree of dressiness here. You do not need to be dressed, just in plain khakis but this shift is “unprofessional” since it will turn out very (very shamelessly) conspicuous by midday discussion in less than 10 minutes. But should we also reject them altogether? “Can’t I wear my short shorts as Hawaiian shirts are so hip right now?”, you may ask yourself, but here comes… the uniform!

When it comes to Apple uniforms , they bring out some great fashion statements but

Jameson brand had many success stories with their sale of brand shirts at an affordable price. A one time 100% Cotton priced $150 retail shirt shirt can now be bought for a 20% discount to $100, $50 and $25 price bands.

The success story is still going strong with 1 in 4 executives saying they are sure to recommend their company first to their friends based on the shirts, despite the popular title living up to its promise by a certain forum blogger.

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Jameson Hawaiian Shirt

A good-quality Hawaiian Shirt is a symbol of our Hawaiian ancestry. We don’t have the Hawaiian shirt in our wardrobes and have to buy it from the nearest island clothing outlets.

The A&F Magazine describes this article as resorting to the power of wonder where you can try looking like a bunch of Bumbas. With such an approach details are pretty fine drawn. The image presented here tries to show how one could serve as inspiration when setting up a successful session (or hey, banishing one?)

Upselling: By showing how close the product matches reality we can provide readers with comparison information and our talents for parody attempts on this subject matter. As soon as readers think “hey that really looks like that”, they are going to become interested in what we will point out later on

A couple of years ago Nike was struggling to find a new image for their Jameson brand. The beauty of the Jameson brand is that it’s quintessentially Hawaiian but I don’t know if you have any way to order them in most places in the world. And with Jameson Hawaiian Shirt, Nike has finally gotten that image they needed!

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