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14 Worst Miami Hurricanes Football Ed Reed Jerseys of All-Time


Hurricanes Football Ed Reed Jerseys are some of the most iconic and memorable jerseys in Miami Hurricanes history. For their 20th anniversary in 2006, the Hurricanes released their all-time team jersey. This is the Jerseys that made Ed Reed a Miami Hurricane. These jerseys are so iconic, they are often the first thing to come to mind when you think of Miami Hurricanes. However, these jerseys are not without their faults. In this article, we will rank the 14 worst Miami Hurricanes Football Ed Reed Jerseys of all time.


1. The 14 Worst Miami Hurricanes Football Ed Reed Jerseys of All-Time


Miami Hurricanes football has had many memorable moments and players, but it is commonly known as a team that has never won a national championship. One of the players that has been instrumental in the Hurricanes’ success is defensive back Ed Reed. Reed has been a part of the Miami Hurricanes for the last eight years, and he is one of the most decorated players in the history of the team. His performance on the field has been exceptional for most of his career, but he has had some rough moments as well. Here are the 14 Worst Miami Hurricanes Football Ed Reed Jerseys of All-Time.


2. Ranking the Worst Jerseys


This article ranks the 14 worst Miami Hurricanes Football Ed Reed jerseys of all-time. For this ranking, six categories were taken into consideration: performance, popularity, history, placement, quality, and uniqueness. The ranking is based on how the jerseys fared in these categories. Ranking: 1. Ed Reed, Miami Hurricanes 2. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 3. Ed Reed, Houston Texans 4. Ed Reed, New York Jets 5. Ed Reed, Washington Redskins 6. Ed Reed, New England Patriots 7. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 8. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 9. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 10. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 11. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 12. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 13. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 14. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens


3. Conclusion.


The Miami Hurricanes have had a lot of great football jerseys over the years. The Hurricanes have been in the ACC since its inception in 1983 and they have had some of the best athletes in the nation over the years. Some of their jerseys have been great, while others have been not so great.




Miami Hurricanes players have worn some of the worst jerseys in all of sports history. They have worn jerseys that were not only a disgrace to the school, but also to the athletes themselves. Here are the fourteen worst Miami Hurricanes football jerseys of all-time. 1. Hurricane Ed Reed 2. Hurricane Ed Reed 3. Hurricane Ed Reed 4. Hurricane Ed Reed 5. Hurricane Ed Reed 6. Hurricane Ed Reed 7. Hurricane Ed Reed 8. Hurricane Ed Reed 9. Hurricane Ed Reed 10. Hurricane Ed Reed 11. Hurricane Ed Reed 12. Hurricane Ed Reed 13. Hurricane Ed Reed 14. Hurricane Ed Reed