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Native American Zip Hoodie

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Life Scout Max Iacono, 16, of Jacobus Boy Scout Troop 69, is shown near the new SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) maze that he and fellow scout volunteers built for his Eagle Scout project at York City Fire Department – Station 9 in York City, Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. Dawn J. Sagert photo (Photo: The York Dispatch)

A lot of work: “Max did all the drawings and worked it out with the chief,” Love said. “I was amazed when they started loading this stuff — it was a whole truckload full of lumber. Three different weekends they worked on it. The boys and girls were diligent in measuring and cutting and making sure things were square. … This thing is like 60 feet long.”

Firefighters must navigate the maze wearing full turnout gear and SCBA blackout masks, which simulate the sightless conditions firefighters routinely face inside burning buildings.

“It’s perfect,” Deputy Fire Chief Bill Sleeger said on Friday as Max showed the maze to The York Dispatch. “This is real-world stuff here. This is what we encounter.”

On Friday, one section had metal chains and rope dangling in it, intended to become entangled with SCBAs and hats. Other sections had chairs and mattresses in them. Another section forced trainees to slalom left and right several times to successfully navigate through it, and still another required them to crawl through a plastic drainage tube.

Sleeger said not every trainee will become a firefighter, in part because not all will learn to overcome the panic caused by claustrophobia. The maze, he said, gives probationary firefighters the chance to master that hurdle safely.




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