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Nurse Avengers poster


Nurse Avengers poster

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This is appalling. Her current career deserves to be over. People in her position should be role models. Her attitude could contribute to people dying. How utterly stupid. At this point this is absolutely unacceptable!! She is the epitome of what is part of the problem and not the solution I mean I’m all about conspiracy theories and everything that is going on. I alwyallays question everything. But I would never risk the health of my loved ones or other people…. let alone myself.

This is why we should not listen to actors about politics, health or products… if she doesn’t know the difference between martial law or Marshall law she’s not intelligent enough to give health advice. Sick of these so called stars, because they have a platform they think they have the right to influence others. All selfish the lot of them I could mention a few who I utterly dislike but I’ll stop here.  She needs to educate herself by watching the videos coming out of China and Italy and she needs to join the Dr Campbell academy and educate herself. She is obviously living in her own little bubble which will pop when reality hits. Sadly she is putting people she cares about at risk which is totally irresponsible.