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Oakland Raiders Jersey: A Brief History


A lengthy and illustrious past is associated with the professional American football team known as the Oakland Raiders. Not only have changing fashion trends been reflected in the design of their jerseys over the years, but so too has the development of the team’s identity and its culture. In this piece, we will examine the history of the Oakland Raiders jersey, beginning with its inauspicious origins and progressing all the way up to the present day.

Off the field as much as on it, the appearance of the Oakland Raiders has always been recognized as being one of their most recognizable characteristics. The black and silver color scheme used by the franchise is instantly recognized, and the Raiders emblem is among the most recognizable icons in all of sports. But how did it get started? In this section, we will present a quick account of the history of the team and explain how the designs of their jerseys have altered over the course of their existence.

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The Beginning, or Years 1960–1962,

The American Football League’s Oakland Raiders were one of the league’s founder franchises when it was established in 1960. (AFL). In the early stages of their existence, the group’s uniform consisted of a straightforward black and white jersey with vertical stripes on the sleeves. The emblem of the squad, which consisted of a pirate wearing an eye patch, was displayed on the helmet, but the design of the shirt did not include it as yet.

The American Football League Era, 1963–1969

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The Silver and Black color combination that has become synonymous with the Raiders was first used in 1963. The team wore black jerseys with silver numbers that were outlined in white on the front of the jerseys. The helmets were silver. The cuffs each featured a single stripe of silver that was highlighted in white. The pirate logo was also sewn onto the sleeves of the jerseys, and black pants were substituted for the white ones formerly worn by the team.

The Merger of the AFL and NFL: 1970-1981

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The American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL) combined in 1970, but the Raiders kept wearing their silver and black uniforms after the merger. The group made a few adjustments to the design, such as including an additional silver stripe on the sleeves and modifying the font used for the numbers on the jersey. The team decided to keep the pirate design on the sleeves, but they added a new logo to the helmet in the form of the word “Raiders” written in silver with a black outline around each letter.

The Years of Al Davis: 1982 to 2011

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In 1982, the team’s owner and general manager, Al Davis, took a risky step and altered the look of the team’s uniforms by switching to a different jersey design. The Raiders adopted a new uniform consisting of a black jersey with silver numbers that were accented in white. The pirate emblem was relocated to the shoulders, where it was accompanied by three silver stripes on each sleeve. In addition, the squad started wearing black pants that had a silver stripe running down the side of each leg. Its design didn’t undergo significant changes until 1994, when the crew decided to add a silver outline to the numbers and a silver stripe to the pants. Since then, the design hasn’t changed much.

The Modern Era: 2012-Present

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The Raiders debuted a new jersey design in 2012 that paid homage to the team’s traditional aesthetic while still adding some contemporary design elements. The squad went back to their traditional color combination of black and silver, although this time the numbers were written in a more contemporary font. The emblem of a pirate ship was still displayed on the shoulders, but the word “Raiders” was now embroidered in silver lettering on the chest below it. In addition to that, the squad debuted a brand new alternate jersey, which had a silver design with black numerals that were accented in white.


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The Oakland Raiders jersey has gone through numerous iterations over the years, but one thing has remained the same: the team’s dedication to their recognizable color scheme of black and silver, as well as their well-known pirate insignia. The Raiders jersey is easily identifiable and appreciated by fans all around the world, regardless of whether it features the team’s traditional look from the 1970s or its more contemporary appearance from the 21st century.