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Red Christmas truck bedding set


Red Christmas truck bedding set

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Mary French Teachout- It’s not IF Joe Biden wins He has won and will become our President in January The majority have spoken stop with your delusional conspiracy theories Again. Why would voter fraud happen in ONLY Democratic places? Seems to me like there were a lot of states with no cameras on their counters. No observers from Biden’s campaign. You said it’s been going on for years! Well, the Trump’s people had have done it in 2016.
Why would Democrats commit fraud against Donald Trump ONLY in states that would be under scrutiny? All cities in the US (where people are exposed to more diversity, art, and sharing of ideas) run Democrat. Even those like New Orleans! Why wouldn’t those states also commit fraud? Why isn’t North Carolina accused right now? And why, in the F would Democrats rig it so ONLY Trump lost and the rest of the Republicans won big. What sense does that make? The Blue vote represents 70% of the US GDP. You mean to tell me that 70% of the country’s wealth couldn’t figure out how to hack the election swiftly and definitively on Election Night. What makes me sick, so sick is my parents went out on Election Day because they also believed there would be fraud. My dad is handicap and is on oxygen and my mother is a cancer survivor that is very weak when standing for a long period of time. They stood on line for hours to vote!!!!! And I’m sure there’s a lot of elders out there that took their time and patience and waited on line too. For what!!! For What??? To have people cheat! Please don’t allow them to get away with this.