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Songoku be strong be brave be human be badass poster


Outside, the match between 3 people Krilin, Gohan and Vegeta and Frieza took place fiercely. Dende uses a dragon ball to call Dragon God Namek Porunga to revive Piccolo and bring him to the planet Namek. Piccolo then joined the Earth team dealing with Frieza. But with super martial arts, Frieza mastered the situation and seriously hurt a group of four. When Goku heals his healing, Frieza kills Vegeta. Goku angrily fights Frieza. During an attack with Goku’s Raw Air Balloon, Frieza almost died. While Goku and the others are about to return, Frieza suddenly appears, knocking Piccolo unconscious and killing Krilin. Anger the evil army to the extreme, and with the destiny of heaven, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and decides to fight Frieza. With the power of a legendary Super Saiyan, he subdued Frieza with no difficulty.

Frieza angrily used a powerful blow on Namek. Meanwhile, since Piccolo is still not completely dead, the Dragon God on Earth still remains and fulfills his wish to revive those killed in Namek by the Frieza. Knowing the planet Namek could not last for more than 5 minutes, Goku called Dende and his last wish with Porunga was to send the people of Namek to Earth, except himself and Frieza. With the wish fulfilled, Goku kills Frieza, but cannot find the means of transportation, he accepts to stay in Namek and seems to be dead. When the planet Namek exploded, Goku was thrown into the sky and happened to see one of the 5 Ginyu Task Force spacecraft and jumped in and the spacecraft automatically flew to Planet Yardrat, a planet being occupied by Ginyu Task Force. closed.

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