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international locations collectively as the consequences of nationwide policies and actions spill over nationwide borders. Separate policies and institutions can not cope effectively with these interlocked issues. Nor can nations performing unilaterally. 3. The onus for action lies with nobody group of countries. Developing international locations face the challenges of desertification deforestation and air pollution and endure most of the poverty related to environmental degradation. The complete human household of nations would undergo from the disappearance of rain forests in the tropics the loss of plant and animal species and adjustments in rainfall patterns. Industrial nations face the challenges of toxic chemical compounds toxic wastes and acidification. All nations could suffer from the releases by industrialized international locations of carbon dioxide and of gases that react with the ozone layer and from any future warfare fought with the nuclear arsenals controlled by these nations. All nations may also have a job to play in securing peace in changing tendencies and in righting a world economic system that will increase rather than decreases inequality that will increase quite than decreases numbers of poor and hungry. As of 5 conscientious objectors in a number of international locations might function field paramedics within the army . Alternatively they might serve without arms though this too has its problems. In certain European nations such as Austria Greece and Switzerland there is the option of performing an alternative civilian service subject to the evaluate of a written utility or after a hearing in regards to the state of conscience. In Greece the alternative civilian service is twice so long as the corresponding military service; in Austria Zivildienst is one third instances longer the Swiss Zivildienst is one and one-half times longer than military service. In 5 the Swiss parliament thought-about whether willingness to serve one and a half times longer than an army recruit was sufficient proof of sincerity citing that the cost of judging the state of conscience of a few thousand men per yr was too nice. In New Zealand during the First World War between 5 and a couple of objectors and defaulters were convicted or got here beneath state control for their opposition to warfare. At

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