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legal guidelines and leaders. Tanzimat reforms replaced the millet system with European-style secularist governments. Its legacy may be traced in successor states of the Empire. 7The Tanzimat reforms undertaken within the empire in the late eighteenth century also included the adoption of the 1876 Mecelle, Ottoman private standing law, which was the first try to codify and standardize Islamic legislation. Mecelle served as the premise of the 1917 Ottoman family law. 5For a more nuanced dialogue of family regulation adoption, see Sezgin . A dual construction at the federal and state ranges in addition to north–south dichotomy characterizes the Nigerian legislative and judicial system. The north–south dichotomy additionally corresponds to the cultural and religious variety of the Muslim north and Christian south. In the latter, a Criminal Code modeled after English legislation is run in English-sort courts; in the former, separate Sharia court docket and Islamic regulation is in drive. Discrepancies between English and Islamic law knowledgeable the reform of the authorized and judicial systems in the northern area, resulting within the enactment of a Penal Code enforceable by all of the courts. This chapter begins with a quick discussion of the multiple paths in family law adoption inside the trajectories of modern nation-state formation; this is adopted by an evaluation of the findings of the case research on up to date feminist advocacy for legislation reform and concludes with reflections on classes realized and prospects for feminist jurisprudence. 4As Asma pointed out in her interview for this volume, the repeal of Article 308 resulted from a protracted and important marketing campaign that included research to find out how a lot folks knew about it, its impression on ladies’s lives, and whether they agreed that it must be abolished – as well as advocacy based on the research. Contribute to the development of domestically led analysis – together with the promotion of moderate interpretations of Family Law – on culturally specific and effective strategies to reform Family Law and to forestall and counter gender-based violence . Early in my tenure as Secretary General on the Women’s Organization of Iran ,1 I traveled with a small group of ladies to some forty towns and villages round Iran. We wanted to seek out out what can be most helpful to the ladies themselves. What have been their priorities? What were their most essential challenges and needs? In every town or village we went to varsities, factories, farms, homes, prisons, city councils, teachers’ associations – anyplace to find out about women’s lives and the challenges they confronted. We are grateful for the generous help supplied by Canada’s International Development Research Centre to Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace for the research initiative that led to the publication of this anthology. This project has offered an incredibly valuable alternative to research components

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