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[Badass version mariashirts] flower and cow happy m-udders day shirt

reports and the resolutions that paved their way are products of that strategic engagement. governments and activists can hold people and states accountable when they violate human rights principles, just as they can demand an end to the impunity that often surrounds these violations. Abuses are too often not investigated. Perpetrators, including police, are too often not held to account. In fact, police and even family members are too often complicit in abuses. This report says states have an obligation to investigate, punish and prevent the abuses. Even where institutions operate optimally, adverse human rights impacts may still result from a company’s activities and victims must be able to seek redress. Effective grievance mechanisms play an important role in both the state duty to protect and the corporate responsibility to respect. A company’s responsibility to respect applies across its business activities and through its relationships with third parties connected with those activities—such as business partners, entities in its value chain, and other non-State actors and State agents. In addition, companies need to consider the country and local contexts for any particular challenges they may pose and how those might shape the human rights impacts of company activities and relationships. On the day that Amnesty International voted to pursue a policy to protect the human rights of sex workers, Deputy Europe Director Gauri van Gulik explains why, what it means and the need for sex workers to have human rights. 12. The policy will be fully consistent with Amnesty International’s positions with respect to consent to sexual activity, including in contexts that involve abuse of power or positions of authority. 5. States have the obligation to prevent and combat trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and to protect the human rights of victims of trafficking. Collective action through multilateral institutions can help States level the playing field with regard to business respect for human rights, but it should do so by raising the performance of laggards. Cooperation between States, multilateral institutions and other stakeholders can also play an important role. All these measures are in addition to States’ obligations under international humanitarian law in situations of armed conflict, and under international criminal law. To achieve greater policy coherence and assist business enterprises adequately in such situations, home States should foster closer cooperation among their development assistance agencies, foreign and trade ministries, and export finance institutions in their capitals and within their embassies, as well as between these agencies and host Government actors; develop early-warning indicators to alert government agencies and business enterprises to problems; and attach appropriate consequences to any failure by enterprises to cooperate in these contexts, including by denying or withdrawing existing public support or services, or where that is not

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