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reference number of parts, with males showing larger error of estimation than females (p = 0.011) ( Table 2 , Mannequin 1). Results additionally showed that the average portion estimation ratio (PER) was nearer to 1 (that is, the variety of estimated parts have been closer to the reference quantity) in multi-unit than in single unit meals (p = zero.02), and in snacks than in meals or drinks (p < zero.001) (Models 2 and three). 5 of the 33 foods had been of very low vitality density (ED) (0-2.5 kJ/g), 10 foods had been of low ED (2.5-6.three kJ/g), 9 foods have been of medium ED (6.three-16.7 kJ/g), and 9 meals were of excessive ED (>16.7 kJ/g) ( Rolls & Barnett, 2000 ). Quantities displayed for each merchandise have been based on producer’s pointers for one portion or container dimension, usually offered on the pack. The smaller number of multi-unit foods was due to the difficulty in figuring out multi-unit meals related for our research inhabitants that included a broad vary of energy densities and that could be eaten throughout a range of meal contexts.Every topic rated the number of parts, fats content and power content for eleven completely different foods and/or drinks at every visit (complete n = 33 meals), using a questionnaire. We then compared their solutions towards the corresponding number of parts based on a reference instrument from the U.Ok. Meals Standards Company (based on customary consumption and used for food labelling) ( FSA, 2002

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