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in the ozone loss saturation altitudes. The most common forms of skin cancer in humans, basal and squamous cell carcinomas, have been strongly linked to UVB exposure. The mechanism by which UVB induces these cancers is well understood—absorption of UVB radiation causes the pyrimidine bases in the DNA molecule to form dimers, resulting in transcription errors when the DNA replicates. These cancers are relatively mild and rarely fatal, although the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma sometimes requires extensive reconstructive surgery. By combining epidemiological data with results of animal studies, scientists have estimated that every one percent decrease in long-term stratospheric ozone would increase the incidence of these cancers by 2%. The main cause of ozone depletion and the ozone hole is manufactured chemicals, especially manufactured halocarbon refrigerants, solvents, propellants, and foam- blowing agents chlorofluorocarbons , HCFCs, halons, referred to as ozone-depleting substances . These compounds are transported into the stratosphere by turbulent mixing after being emitted from the surface, mixing much faster than the molecules can settle. Once in the stratosphere, they release atoms from the halogen group through photodissociation, which catalyze the breakdown of ozone into oxygen . Both types of ozone depletion were observed to increase as emissions of halocarbons increased. Macroalgae and seagrasses are significant biomass producers in aquatic ecosystems and are of major economic importance. Numerous recent studies have indicated that many organisms are under pronounced UV-B stress, even at current levels, and are likely to be further influenced by increased UV-B levels. As in higher plants, macroalgae and phytoplankton produce screening substances that protect the organisms against solar UV-B radiation. These substances are also passed on to the primary and secondary consumers through the food web. Some of these screening substances have been characterized and identified in algae and cyanobacteria, while others have been observed but not yet chemically identified. The efficiency of protection from thymine dimer production is being studied in microorganisms during active and passive movement within the mixing layer of the water column. The report also underlines that stimulation by UV radiation of polyphenolics can increase the nutritional quality of plant products and plant tolerance to stress conditions and that the increased frequency and extent of wildfires due to climate change become important sources of aerosols which emit black carbon and organic carbon smoke particles that can persist in the atmosphere for days to weeks with significant effects on surface UV radiation. Because they are unreactive and do not dissolve readily in rain or snow, these gases accumulate in the lower atmosphere. Natural air motions transport these accumulated gases to the stratosphere, where they are converted to

[Badass version swagteeshirt]  the baltimore orioles baseball full printing flip flops
the baltimore orioles baseball full printing flip flops

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