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action of UV radiation on combustion gases from vehicle exhausts. Epidemiological studies suggest an association between ocular cortical cataracts and UVB exposure, using crude approximations of exposure and various cataract assessment techniques. A detailed assessment of ocular exposure to UVB was carried out in a study on Chesapeake Bay Watermen, where increases in average annual ocular exposure were associated with increasing risk of cortical opacity. In this highly exposed group of predominantly white males, the evidence linking cortical opacities to sunlight exposure was the strongest to date. Based on these results, ozone depletion is predicted to cause hundreds of thousands of additional cataracts by 205 In October , the Ecuadorian Space Agency published a report called HIPERION. The study used ground instruments in Ecuador and the last 28 years’ data from 12 satellites of several countries, and found that the UV radiation reaching equatorial latitudes was far greater than expected, with the UV Index climbing as high as 24 in Quito; the WHO considers 11 as an extreme index and a great risk to health. The report concluded that depleted ozone levels around the mid-latitudes of the planet are already endangering large populations in these areas. Later, the CONIDA, the Peruvian Space Agency, published its own study, which yielded almost the same findings as the Ecuadorian study. Reactions that take place on polar stratospheric clouds play an important role in enhancing ozone depletion. PSCs form more readily in the extreme cold of the Arctic and Antarctic stratosphere. This is why ozone holes first formed, and are deeper, over Antarctica. Early models failed to take PSCs into account and predicted a gradual global depletion, which is why the sudden Antarctic ozone hole was such a surprise to many scientists. Lung cancer among people who have never smoked is around 15% and is increasing. One study showed that the risk of being afflicted with lung cancer increases directly with a person’s exposure to air pollution . The study concluded that no level of air pollution should be considered safe. Exposure to smog also increased the risk of dying from any cause, including heart disease. A polar winter vortex also forms in the Northern Hemisphere. However, in general, it is neither as strong nor as cold as the one that forms in the Antarctic. Although polar stratospheric clouds can form in the Arctic, they rarely last long enough for extensive decreases in ozone. Arctic ozone decreases of as much as 40 percent have been measured. This thinning typically occurs during years when lower-stratospheric temperatures in the Arctic vortex have been sufficiently low to lead to ozone-destruction processes similar to those found in the Antarctic ozone hole. As with Antarctica, large increases in concentrations in reactive chlorine have been measured in Arctic regions where high levels of ozone destruction occur. stratosphere. They also noted that chlorine could destroy extensive amounts of

[Badass version swagteeshirt]  the pittsburgh penguins nhl full printing flip flops
the pittsburgh penguins nhl full printing flip flops

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