2020 NBA Champions Lakers 17 time champions shirt


2020 NBA Champions Lakers 17 time champions shirt

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Cooper shut EVERYTHING down without working with businesses. people keep forgetting Cooper followed the guidelines SET BY THE CDC AND THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION!! Lmao. It was the whitehouse guidelines he followed. And people are mad for no reason other than they should be able to get hair cuts and go out to eat. The entitlement. I’m sorry Kate about what has happened to your business–this is so hard for everyone. I wish there was an easy fix. However, Cooper’s actions were considerate, weighing all the risk, albeit hard to follow through on. As a parent and small business owner I can appreciate that. Unfortunately, Forrest’s stance is short-sighted and could have such harmful impact in our community that we wouldn’t have any public to service as small businesses. I think our anger is better directed at the folks who could have prevented this as a problem in the first place: the Trump administration. so sorry the pandemic has inconvenienced you. Maybe if the White House hadn’t dismantled the pandemic response office we wouldn’t have 25% of the world’s death toll. it has been tough! The school flew blindly with little to no information and a lot of letters that seemed threatening if I did something I wasn’t suppose to do. I also had 28 teachers looking to me for answers of where their next paycheck will come from, parents who left immediately leaving me with very little income to pay bills. It was not good and very scary not knowing what will become of my business I worked so hard for, what will happen to teachers and worrying if what I’m doing is enough to keep everyone safe. I am in agreement that I too pray hard for everyone’s health and well-being and hope for a good outcome no matter who wins.

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