Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake face mask



Assuming I'm just an old lady was your first mistake face mask


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Michael Austin, the director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Government, blamed Norman for purposely misleading the public. “At a time when the public needs government to provide sound conclusions with accurate information, it’s unfortunate the Kansas Health Secretary knowingly deceived the public into justifying his narrative,” Austin said. Kansas House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins, a Republican, also criticized Norman, who was appointed to the secretary role by Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly.
“Gov. Kelly and her administration have failed Kansans time and again, but manipulating data to intentionally deceive the entire state is a new low,” Hawkins said.
Hawkins added, “Tens of thousands of Kansans have lost their jobs and businesses as a direct result of Gov. Kelly’s politics-first response to the COVID pandemic, and these individuals struggling to make ends meet deserve to know the truth. It is reprehensible for a public servant like Dr. Norman that we trusted to protect our health and safety in a nonpartisan way to intentionally spread misinformation. The Kelly administration has lost all credibility.” Read Newsmax: Kansas Health Secretary Used Deceptive Data to Get State Mask Mandate Don’t believe one single test count , as long as any respiratory infection is being diagnosed as Corona virus. The flu has its own test, so does strip throat, so does mono. Until someone can get honest about this then it’s all a control device , and I guess you all got your golden calf and running with it. I call it an abuse of power! Anyone can test positive for this virus, the more control the worse these governors are going to get. Why is it mandatory to wear a mask when the commissioners have taken the power away from you?! I do not like being lied to or the thought of someone just liking the power!
You proved who and what you are about when you allowed a picture of yourself being taken with “In Kelly we Trust”. Understand this! , there needs to be a full evaluation taken of how this virus is being counted. This effects all of us! It’s our livelihood in a country that is free, a Free society doesn’t mean we have mandatory mask, mandatory vaccines! The lying on this virus is by far the Worst thing that will ever happen to this country. Forget trusting your doctors the hospital, because when these numbers hit a certain amount, guess what? , these people can prevent your family from ever being seen in the hospital, including your own child! They will start separating family members, wake up people this is serious business! Gov Kelly has a habit of not responding to people asking questions. She is there to serve “We the people “, not following along an agenda. We the people deserve the truth!

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