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What about the little boy in NC who was shot by his neighbor right in front of his 2 little sisters while outside playing? Fox News where’s his story ?

  • Chances are that if you live outside of Eastern NC, you don’t know who this little boy is. If you live in the Triangle, he was only a blip on the local news. If you live elsewhere, you won’t see his story on the national news.
  • His name is Cannon Hinnant. He was a happy-go-lucky little 5 year old boy. On Sunday he was shot & killed by his neighbor, Darius Sessoms. But that doesn’t accurately describe how Cannon was killed. It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t a drive by shooting. No, this animal walked across the street, held his gun to the little boys head & EXECUTED him in front of his 7 & 8 year old sisters. The most dispicable act I can think of in recent memory.
  • Very sad story. However what about the 4 year old little white boy whose name is Cannon Hinnant? He was EXECUTED by a black man named Darius Sessoms. This little boy isn’t mentioned hardly at all. And not at ALL by the liberal media.
  •  We spent many months dealing with the out cry of George Floyd…. and it’s still going on…… Now a white 5 year old Cannon was executed in front of his family and yet I see no media coverage no protest. I guess his life did not matter!

Anyone against this just battles because that’s what they do in life. What anyone’s for they’re against! The left want us to baby those who commit violent crimes because they maybe didn’t have the best of upbringing. What about the victims?
Once the crime has been done they must face the music. If their savable, wonderful but most have already done it before!

Now what about Cannon Hannit? A 5 year old that was murdered by a black guy. Darius walked up to Cannon while on his bicycle and shot him in his head while his sisters watched. Where’s the outrage for this?

Baking Because Murder Is Wrong poster

Baking Because Murder Is Wrong poster