Beer definition The glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt,tank top, hoodie


Beer definition The glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

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I think your two party system is messed up. But yes I think Biden’s administration would have done a much better job of the virus than trump’s downplaying of it. And to Biden’s credit he acknowledges the science behind the climate and has a plan to tackle it. Four more years of trump is going to damage your country’s environment and that means economy. As bad as trump is, your other problem is the religious right who are hell bent on the end of the world. They think praying will fix everything. Where is the America that lead the world intellectually and by example? with all due respect and from someone who voted for Clinton. Him. NEVER her. And did not vote for McCain, I can assure you the damage that Obama did to our economy and everyone we know on a personal level, I am so glad that an outsider came in and exposed the corruption. We were in Germany last summer. BBC is just as bad as CNN. So hateful of Trump. Why they loved Obama is beyond me and SO many Americans. I’m not a one party voter. But that man is corrupt. And Hillary is the most polarizing woman ever. And yet. They parade her around like she’s the second coming. She is so hated by so many. It’s just sad that no one sees the good. Let’s face it. Yes he’s President. But you can see it’s whoever controls the Senate is who runs this place. And Nancy is just as corrupt and evil. without violence? umm, all the destruction and violence now is from the dumocraps trying to force the US to a socialized country. They are the ones paying for the demise of so many innocent people and their lives. BLM assholes, the queefs all the little punk ass kids starting fires, riots, shootings, stealing….You all really like and want to live that way? Go start your own little socialized criminal country somewhere else as the USA is ALL READY TAKEN BY US CITIZENS WHO LOVE THEIR COUNTRY AND WON’T BE SOLD OUT TO CHINA!

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