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I doubt you will be laughing if Biden gets in….You will be fighting all the illegals who come into the US for a job. You will be fighting of BLM and Antifa if Biden won’t meet their demands. You will be losing your factories to China. Your democratic run inner cities will remain slums with more and more murders. You may need a policeman and no one will come. Bonnie Muigai With all due respect, this is not a laughing matter- this is not a basket ball game. Whether Trump wins or loses, the American people need assurance that the voting system is secure.
If this had happened to the Dems you’d want the truth. What’s wrong with following the law to search out the truth? So many close minded people… so many with closed eyes and ears….
are you ok with Iran having the power to terrorize us again??? That’s what we will get with a Biden administration? Are you wealthy and unconcerned about the tax hikes that are coming? Are you ok with slim pickings in the grocery store? (That’s socialistic life by the way… is that really what you’re proud about?) are you ok with them rushing to lower the age of sexual consent? (Why is that even on the agenda? … have you asked yourself these hard questions?) why would Democrat states like Washington want to make it mandatory that the. Kindergarteners be forced to learn about reproducing?
This is not a game. It is about children and our livelihood, our nation’s security… voter integrity… and so much more.

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