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It provides access and platform to people from the African diaspora who have something to say,” John said. “They have a voice but they don’t necessarily have the access to institutions like the OMA or other major art institutions to feature their work.” Black Girl Easily Distracted By Music and Wine Poster

John explained how this local event can pay off in dividends, putting an artist’s talents in front of a selection committee and on display, gaining exposure not easily found during these COVID times. She added that the connections with the commercial art world can also provide a way for artists to gain an income, an opportunity that isn’t always offered and one that can be crucial as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has canceled many art exhibitions and limited opportunities.The BTGM director says this exhibit is one way of meeting multiple goals and raising awareness about changing industry that still has to work to be more inclusive.

“Brown people in this industry are starting to realize that they can divest themselves of the power structures that keeps them underneath everyone else,” she said. “The fear of never working again has kept a lot of people silent about the things they’ve been through or silent about the things that they want it need to see but I think we’re all kind of moving towards that place of — we can criticize these institutions and still participate in them because we want them to succeed.”

BTGM is currently using its influence to drive a cultural shift in theater institutions and create safer spaces for women of color working in the entertainment and art world. Its team currently works as a group of well-coordinated volunteers. To learn more about BTGM or to support their work, visit their website..The exhibit will be available via live stream on Facebook and YouTube from Feb. 2 through Feb. 7. The exhibit will aim to display portraiture art and poetry that centers around the word Onija. Along with the First Thursdays show and full museum access, guests can enjoy music by DJ Gay-Z, BBQ with a Latin twist by Maya Rosa food truck and cupcakes from Anna Cakes. For those who choose to attend the event in person can enjoy an outdoor bar serving beer and wine. Note all drinks and food must be consumed outdoors.

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