Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster


Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster

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Then you won’t have a problem if we the people start destroying black monuments starting with Martin Luther King. Remember he had a dream and right now all blacks are destroying that dream. So if white history can be destroyed then so can black history. I’m not the one with a comprehension issue. Maybe go back and reread my post, then return and tell me exactly what I have said. Which you cant and that’s fine, but instead of admitting you screwed up, you will put that upon someone else. Sad sad situation it is! defund abortion clinics. All of them. No abortions except for rape and special situations regarding the mother’s welfare. The government shouldn’t be paying for that crap. Because the government is the people. Which means we are paying for it. I don’t believe in food stamps and Welfare either. Get a job. If you want food work for it. if you can’t afford a child don’t have one. Be a responsible person and if you cant then your problems are your problems.

Why is it in almost every predominately low economic neighborhood a nice new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic? abortion clinics located in Black or Latino communities as of 2015. Must be a coincidence that their founder wanted white supremacy through eugenics? Obamacare kills poor and needy elderly Americans when they start costing nursing homes money in rural USA,limits hospital readmissions. Nobody on left wants to address all the Planned Parenthood locations “coincidentally” located in the inner cities. Just the way Margaret Sanger, it’s founder, intended it. They are subsidized by tax dollars then donate to political partys. I think this is wrong. My taxes are used to support govt sanctioned murder and I have no say in it.

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