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HoudiniHoudini earned her name by escaping from her viv about an hour after we got her home. She’s an albino Nelson’s milk snake(Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni). She used to be a lot more flightly than the corns and would dart off if you came near her, but she’s got better with us over time and has chilled out a bit.She’s actually managed to escape twice three times now. We spent most of the day looking for her and tore up the house and then gave up, knowing she’d turn up at some point. We found her about an hour later, tucked into the lining of the sofa, next to a radiator, having the time of her life.

BanditBandit is a Californian kingsnake (Lampropeltis californiae). He’s also an idiot. All the king snakes I’ve met have either bitten me or tried to bite me, usually after being friendly for a little while. They just seem to randomly decide to find out if you’re food by sinking their teeth in.We love him though. We think he has some small neurological issues from being overheated with his previous owners. However, other than him requiring a couple of strikes at his food, it doesn’t affect his quality of life. As a fun fact, California kingsnakes have the strongest squeeze proportionate to body size of any snakes.Also, he’d eat other snakes in the wild, so we never get him out at the same time as one of the corn snakes.

BertieBertie is a western hognose snake (Heterodon nasicus). He’s almost a venomous snake, the only one we have (as all the others are constrictors), but it’s more that he has an irritating saliva than true venom. It’s also not medically significant to humans as it’s designed for smaller prey items. He’s male, so won’t grow anywhere near as big as a female hognose. He’s actually bitten my other half before!He’s only a couple of years old.

FergusOur oldest royal python (Python regius). He’s a normal morph and looks exactly the way you’d find them in the wild. They’re also known as ball pythons. They don’t get quite as long as the corn snakes, but they get thicker instead.They’re usually described as pet rocks, as they tend not to move around that much, but with the correct lighting and heating, they do come out and explore quite often. We often see Fergus exploring his viv later at night, whereas the corns are more active during the day.

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