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Off the radar for most visitors to Milan, the city has an excellent science and technology museum. Naturally, it’s named for Leonardo da Vinci. A little hard to find, but worth the effort. For another armchair visit to Milan, check out the Italian miniseries “Inspector Nardone,” set in post-war Milan. Available to stream on MHz, a sub-channel of Prime Video. It is excellent, with views of the Duomo in every episode! I visited Milan 4 years ago with two of my children- both art History major graduates. We have been to a lot of EU museums together. My own personal art guides! Milan was fabulous! We took the fast train from Paris to Milano before meeting our Best of Italy tour in 2003. Beautiful city and magnificent The Last Supper. Thanks Rick for guiding us to where we were able to travel all over Europe! I loved Milan the two times we visited. At first we went because it’s easy to fly into Milan then go back n to other destinations in Italy. The city is wonderful on its own. Thank you so much for posting. You have a gift of writing that allows the reader to immerse themselves into the story just as if they themselves are there! Milan is fantastic! My daughter studied music there so we traveled in 2018 with her & her husband to see Milan through her “college eyes”… what a magnificent city!

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