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Crack Racing Flag Quilt Bedding Set

As the large green Bedford Lucas car, which he uses for all his London engagements, approached the Connaught Rooms in Holborn, it banged into the side of the cab, parked in a taxi rank.

A London cab driver returned to his vehicle to find a note tucked under a windscreen wiper. The note asked him to ring a Mr Callender in the Royal Mews

The Duke of Edinburgh was given the van by motoring company Lucas on a six-month lease

After dropping off the Prince at his lunch engagement at the Connaught Rooms with the Fleet Street Club, the chauffeur left the note on the cab asking the taxi driver to ring a Mr Callender in the Royal Mews.

It gave the phone number of Buckingham Palace, and the registration number of the car — EOV 501V.

Mr Burr rang the Palace and was told he would be contacted about the damage today.

The Prince was given the van by motoring company Lucas on a six-month lease — as an environmentally friendly change from his Rolls-Royce.

Lucas said of the van: ‘It is easily capable of commuting from Buckingham Place to Windsor and back on a single charge.’

The company said the Prince had visited its factory and ‘was most impressed’.

Thursday, December 17, 1981

Royal Mailed…Philip’s pin-ups

By Daily Mail reporter

Charlie’s Angel’s (clockwise from top): Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson

It sounds like a merry hoax, but the pulchritudinous trio from the hit television series Charlie’s Angels are over the moon because they have learned Prince Philip is one of their fans.

They claim that Buckingham Palace has requested an autographed photo of the girls, with an appeal for a personal inscription to read: ‘To Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip — congratulations on your Silver Jubilee.’

Jape or not, a special 14in by 11in colour portrait has been duly mailed to the Palace.

Thursday, March 3, 1977

British women can’t cook, says prince

By Daily Mail reporter

 Prince Philip told members of the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute at West Linton, Peeblesshire, that British women can’t cook. (Stock image)

Prince Philip looked at an exhibition of iced cakes yesterday, then told the women who had baked them: ‘You know, British women can’t cook.

‘They are very good at decorating food and making it look attractive, but they have an inability to cook.’

The women, members of the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute at West Linton, Peeblesshire, laughed — then invited the Prince to try anything on the stall.

Mrs. Janet Forsyth, the branch secretary, said afterwards: ‘We all took it as a joke. I told him it was nonsense, but I don’t think he heard me.’

Saturday, July 2, 1966

Jean Rook: Philip’s pearls of wisdom often drop with a clang. But what do we want…A stuffed Duke who daren’t open his mouth!

Journalist Jean Rook who wrote a regular column for the Daily Express

So Prince Philip has put his foot deep in the mud-hole again.

He’s popped off his admittedly wide mouth. He’s said something thought-shaking, and therefore worthwhile, about the Common Market.

Result? Uproar. Tch-tch. And near-coronaries among diplomats who never let anything controversial seep through their clenched teeth.

But why?

Why shouldn’t Philip say what he and, face it, a lot of other people think?

And if we don’t agree with what he says, surely, by God, we defend his right to say it? Some days ago, the Prince told members of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth that, as a result of the Common Market in Europe, ‘long-standing agricultural patterns have been completely up-ended’.

The European agricultural system, he went on, is a ‘frightful mess’.

The Duke’s comments have been widely understood as a stark warning — and a highly improper one, coming from a royal — for British farming if we join the European Economic Community, as Prime Minister Edward Heath’s government has suggested we might.

The Queen and Prince Philip outside Buckingham Palace after the Trooping the Colour parade in London in 2012

Now, I don’t claim that everything that drops, often with a clang, from Philip’s lips is a crown jewel of wisdom.

No man who reckons that ‘British women can’t cook’ — and says it at a WI rally — can be surprised when some people call him an utter clot for a change.


But I still don’t see why his criticism of Common Market farming should land him up to his chin in egg.



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