Crown Royal Just drink it shirt, hoodie, tank top


Crown Royal Just drink it hoodie

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 I wish to have a friend like you, you’re admirable and I love the true friendship between you too… You defeated the evil Bildish by your actions. You have a good heart Beryl Wanga Itindi because me Eunice Auma I have already murdered Bildad a thousand and seven deaths. I can’t imagine the pain your siblings felt and if you’ve truly forgiven him then you were brought up well. Ehh! No words.. but permit me to smile at the Oxygen that had settled in your house.. as I call Judy Cherotich & Chepkoech Scofia to come we read. Lessons whose worth are priceless, complete with evidence. How I pray no lady “falls in love” like this.  “Ladies I suffered on your behalf.I made excuses for a man for your sake.I did all these so that you never repeat the mistakes I made!” This went straight into my heart and head. We are learn from mistakes can’t laugh at you. I once did the same nikapae mtu in the name of love my savings nikikumbuka hadi wa Leo nywele zimaniuma.

I think only Jesus of the Bible has suffered like this, waaah watu wanapitia. Ma juok haki, huyo hata date ya kucheka asikuje thoooo! Women must, pick a toothpick, sit properly, read the post, internalise and say NEVER again should any woman go through such a traumatising treatment. Eish Beryl ngani notiyi. He must be from Yoruba land sent by Yoruba gods to destroy our kind hearted Itindi. Beryl not everyone you see is human,some are devils sent to finish you. Mireri Junior Wuod Amary women never learn , I think our dani/kukhu eve cursed us after eating that apple or whatever fruit it was or is it that grandfather Adam has never forgiven grand ma eve and has decided that all his descendants will play us for pay back.

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