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ManiLife deep roast crunchy peanut butter

ManiLife has four kinds of peanut butter: all are worth your cupboard space and all boast a Great Taste Award, but this particular version has an unprecedented three stars. Using tasty hi-oleic peanuts grown on a family run farm in Argentina (mani = peanut in Argentine Spanish), these peanut butters are all made and blended in small batches for a super-creamy spread. As the original inventors of the dark roast – a happy accident when they thought they’d burned a batch of peanuts – we’ve had to pick the deep roast crunchy peanut butter which is a rounded and intense version of the best peanut flavour for nut butter addicts.

This pot is 99.1 per cent peanut, and the rest of its flavour comes from some good sea salt – considering there is no palm or any other oil in here, it’s awe-inspiring how evenly creamy this peanut butter is. We love the fact there are a whole range of sizes of nut chunks from nibbly-nobbly bits to whole nut halves. Spoon it straight into your mouth, dip your apple slices or give yourself a breakfast treat.tter

Ok, so we wouldn’t look too closely at the ingredients for this one (there’s palm oil, sunflower oil, glucose syrup, stabiliser and more) but it cannot be denied that any Crunchy Nut devotee will find this stuff dangerously addictive.

Made from a mix of standard roasted peanuts and honey roasted peanuts, this peanut butter is teeth-shatteringly crunchy and satisfyingly sweet: we’re talking straight out of the jar territory here. Caramelised sugary nutty nibs are generously spread through a creamy, evenly textured base – that’ll be the palm oil – with plenty of honey and salt for even more flavour reward. A bit OTT for your toast on the regular, but you could whip up some extremely indulgent bakes with this. We warn you though: once you pop you really can’t stop.

Whole Earth boasts a dizzyingly comprehensive range of nut butters, with nine types of peanut butter alone, spanning different roast levels, smoothness, organic, oil-free and hi-oleic variations. They’re all great but after much delicious deliberation, we settled on this organic, smooth jar.

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