Husband and Wife Camping partners for life shirt, tank top, hoodie


Husband and Wife Camping partners for life Hoodie

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Really?? No one believes me? Have you looked outside lately? I’m sure I can find someone to believe me… perhaps over half the population of the US and many other countries around the world that are horrified by what “Dear Leader” is doing? How about General Mattis… seems like he is making a rational assessment of things… or is he in your whiney liberal category? General Kelly? Even Roger Goodell seems to be with the program and I’m sure a conversation with him would show the unbelievable things I may have said actually are a bit believable. I’m sure I could come up with more people… just from those who have spoken up yesterday… perhaps there is a broader reality that everyone should be open to seeing… What about that 75 year old man who was pushed down by police when he was trying to help. We want you to rebuild our humanity and peace. Rather than idolize this stupid country where you want to use DOMINANCE. you keep saying not to use dominance. These riots and burning down buildings and killing people is dominance. So I don’t understand why you’re attacking the president. He didn’t start this. And he can’t finish it. When people are getting killed in the streets and people are losing everything to looters, you have to use force to make it stop. If someone was trying to kill you or burn down your home or business, I bet you’d get real dominant real quick. It’s up to the American people and burning each other to the ground isn’t gonna get it done. they see what they want clearly he grabbed the gun maybe they should zoom just like it wants the protesters doing the riots they blame everyone but themselves they turn everything to fit it’s ok a person tried to protect a business was killed by the people but not ok a person was killed by police now I don’t think police should kill but not my point it’s a double standard no one will wake up people may not like trump as a person but the man has been telling us for a while now we just refused to listen because the hate for him mean more to them then the help from him I didn’t vote trump I voted independent but this past year I really been paying attention doing my research and not listening to these new channels anymore Democrat’s act as if their for the people but really they want the people to be weak and have to rely on them for everything because they want control trump 2020.

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