I like bourbon and maybe 3 people shirt, long sleeve, hoodie


I like bourbon and maybe 3 people T-shirt

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Don’t worry many of us have experienced similar situations. In my case I grew up in a communist country and came here when I was 13. When I first came I was very intimidated by this country. In Cuba indoctrination and brainwashing against the big capitalist US was a daily practice at school. But I still chose to come here because life in Cuba was a daily struggle, from the lines for the rationed food to the use of news paper to clean your heinie…, and in the 1980 it became very volatile for anyone expressing feelings of discontent with the government. “Antifa” kind of mobs called rapid response were organized by the government to attack and bully those that were considered traitors to the country. “Traitors” where just simple people wanting to leave the country, or complaining about the government, or just being gay. On my second day in this country, I asked my aunt and uncle that had fled Cuba in the early 60s to take me to see the poor people in Miami, and they did. I was shocked to see how well poor people lived in the US compare to the average cuban in the island. These individuals had colored TVs in their houses, own cars, kids had buses to bus them to school, and the list went on. The best part nothing was rationed by the government, and that was when I felt my whole entire life of 13 years had been a big lie. Then when I started school I had a very nice professor that taught me about living in a free society and the responsibilities that came with that. I developed a great love and respect for this country and moved on with my life always feeling very blessed for the opportunity to live in a free society. I proudly became an American citizen and remained an independent thinker with no party ties. I have always believe that the rotation for presidency among the two parties is a healthy balance for the country. But after witnessing the crazy and irrational behavior of the democratic party I don’t know what to think anymore, and like the rest of you in this group my vote in the 2020 elections is a one way street.

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