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But words matter. And while that may be what she meant… it’s still not what she said. Kinda like the people up in arms at “protests against the police” when the protest is against brutality… not against cops. Words matter. And we all need to be careful to say what we mean. There will always be ignorant people, I hope you can focus on the people you meets that are friendly, grateful and kind. This does not represent me or most people, you have to believe that. You must believe that that individual has such a big problem in life to behave that way, it is learned, and either they had a horrible upbringing, bad life experiences, or they have an awful life themselves. It is shameful and disheartening, but carry on sir, do your job and live your life the best you can inspite of the worst humans, do not let that jade you and turn your heart hard to all of the good people in the world. I am so sorry this happened to you. When people disrespect and do things like that couriers should be able to list that address for a do not ship due to extreme prejudice. People might start learning to treat people how you want to be treated. I have no words to express my disappointment, sadness and anger at anyone who would do this to another human being.  So cruel I can’t stand people like this I wish I could give him a hug I have three grown son’s I would not want someone doing this to them that person was so wrong for spitting on him .