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MartyMarty is our second day gecko and is a Madagascar day gecko (Phelsuma madagascariensis). He started off being shier than Bacardi, but as he’s gotten used to us, he’s settled nicely, and doesn’t try to escape anywhere near as often!He’s younger than Bacardi, around 5-6 years old. He’s still a bit flighty, but has happily taken honey from my finger before.

ScorchOur first monitor lizard, Scorch is an Ackie monitor lizard, or a spiny-tailed monitor lizard (Varanus acanthurus). He’d around 6 years old and is quite an intelligent little guy. We keep him entertained by hiding his food around his viv so he has to hunt for it, and also by making puzzles with his food (placing morio worms in a hole-covered ball, so he has to move it around to get them out).Ackie monitors hail from the arid scrub and woodland areas of Australia, so are used to some pretty intense heat, at one of Scorch’s favourite things to do is bask under his heat lamp, whenever he’s not eating that is. He’s an efficient hunter and is a lot of fun to watch in action.

HugoOur resident dinosaur, Hugo is a Bosc monitor lizard (geddit? Hugo Bosc, couldn’t resist) also known as a savannah monitor lizard to those in the US (Varanus exanthematicus). He’s around 3ft long and would be found across Africa in the wild.Bosc monitor lizards are also meant to be intelligent animals, similar to an ackie, however Hugo is an exception to this rule it seems. I love him, but he’s an idiot. All attempts at getting him to solve puzzles for food have failed miserably.However, he does love to roam around. Once we block off the stairs so he can’t go too far, or meet any other animals, he has the freedom to explore the whole top floor of our house (we’ve made sure it’s safe for him). He’s found a few favourite spots, such as on our bed in the sun, on the windowsill in the sun, and under the bed near the hot water pipe that feeds the radiator.He’s a lot of fun to interact with and watch!

AmphibiansAmphibians were our largest step up in care when we first got them, as they require a high humidity and careful care, at least the amphibians we decided to get are. All sort of frogs and toads are covered in this category.

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