Pikachu Pokémon Ugly Christmas Sweater


Pikachu Pokémon Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Cody Anderson why are casting on about tax payer dollars when the Democrats wasted 3 years of tax payer dollars on a bs impeachment!? Bet you want saying that then How can the GSA ascertain Biden as winner when there is so much overwhelming evidence of voter fraud on his part.
It doesn’t even matter who you voted for.
In light of all of this we are loosing our democracy and the ability to make our own decisions as people.
They are and will continue to usurp all of our wishes and rights.
Those who are mocking and making fun of President Trump, their laughter will be turned to mourning.
Because they didn’t really do this to President Trump, they did this to the American people Sue Orsic if it was fraud then why hasn’t trump been able to win any court case ? It’s Republican judges also that are rejecting because no evidence. Sue Orsic because there’s no real evidence lol
Every election has minor fraud. There will always be a few bad apples. NOTHING out of the ordinary though!
He’s spreading what’s called conspiracy theories.
There are no real evidence or fraud that would even slightly hinder the results of the election. Just because you can’t win any court cases does not reveal the truth in anything especially when there is so much corruption.
And once again there you go marking period and you will be very sorry for that outcome if Biden gets his way….. wait and see.

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