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Pisa Tower Beach Short

Weight gain can put strain on joints and hormones can loosen them. The spine is also affected because of the protruding abdomen, which commonly results in low back pain.

Once you give birth to your baby, your body may feel the need to get back into its previous shape (as is naturally). And the use of a belly binder makes it easier to do so.  Pisa Tower Beach Short

Now, since it looks like a waistband, people assume that it may help with weight loss. But, a post-pregnancy binder has nothing to do with weight loss. And it is not a waistband. It is a supportive device that can make your transitional period a bit more comfortable.

When and how to use a belly binder?

If you want to use a belly binder, first, you need to be mindful of your birthing technique and the binding method that is most suitable for it.

For instance, if you’ve had a vaginal delivery, you can use the belly binder right away after giving birth. And if you had a C-section, then you must wait throughout the healing process (potentially two to three months).

But generally speaking, it is always better to first consult with your doctor and then use a belly binder.

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Safety tips for using belly binder

You may think, “Hey! What safety tips do I need to use a belt?” Well, as a new mum whose entire focus is just the newborn, you may overlook your own physical issues that can get aggravated with a binder that is not worn properly.

Therefore, even though a post-pregnancy binder provides therapeutic and cosmetic benefits in some cases, you still need to consider these safety tips.

  • Say ‘no’ if it is too tight

A belly binder is a tool to support your pelvic floor and heal your postpartum body. However, if you wear it too tightly, it will pressurise your pelvic floor, which is not good for healing and your internal organs in general.

If you face difficulty in breathing after wrapping your belly binder – you are doing it wrong. Take your belly binder off, and readjust it. It must allow you breathe properly.

Now that you know the uses and the way to use it, let’s move to the actual purchase of the binder. Did you know that there is a wide range of belly wraps available in the market? Do not confuse them with a belly binder.





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