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Such lies and hatred. My church and a Bible say that is a sin! WHO HAS BEEN PRESIDENT FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS? Biden has not been in any office for four years! Who had control of the house for two years, control of the Senate and courts all four? This is TRUMP’s America. He does not denounce violence from the far right! Unless all violence is denounced and stopped, the left and right will continue. The far right cult will think this is funny and keep spewing hate and lies. We need unity. Biden will show decency, concern for people, climate and the CONSTITUTION. I want that! Most respectable citizens do. Polls, TV ratings, social media clicks- I’m afraid those are the only “results” that Trump cares about. Money is for buying popularity- and gold toilets. And … isn’t spreading money to the needy and unfortinate … well … SOCIALISM? no its an act of kindness if it is given voluntarily. Socialism is mandated that you are only allowed so much success then the rest belongs to the government and or your community. This is a flawed plan. If a person lives under a governing system that says hey if you dont work you will be taken care of anyway.. That person looses motivation to be productive and successful. If a person who is productive and successful is mandated that they are only allowed to achieve so much success.. Then they also will loose motivation to continue to work hard. The system then collapses. AKA.. any socialist society ever. Hanlon and Mr. Smith; I could not agree with you more ( is this the correct way of saying it? English is my secondary language, but of course I have been speaking it for the last 83 years of my life). Really the money could take care of a lot of people less fortunate than we are.
We, as intelligent human beings, don’t really need all these ads to convince who should lead us and our country, the Trump Team, of course. If we know what is going on, what has been going on, then the choice is clear….vote for our men in office now. You and Mr. Smith hit the nail right on the head. That money should go to help the less fortunate.

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