Don’t Dream It Be It Rocky Horror Vintage poster


Don't Dream It Be It Rocky Horror Vintage poster

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Joshua Ferrier you are missing the point. This new socialist movement is to eradicate all symbols of our America society and Western Civilization. Just like what was done in the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Cambodia, etc. All of our universities have been indoctrinating our children for decades about how evil our country is and how wonderful socialism is. This is the next move in the “revolution”! You have to understand that all of our news media and journalists went to these same universities as well as many of our Democrats who hold political positions. It is part of a Communist plot that has been going on in this country for at least 70 years! It seems that Joe McCarthy was right after all!
Be careful of the “deep state”. Loosen your tinfoil hat, turn off Alex Jones, and remove your white hood before they come. Those three things are give aways of your ignorance. Let me ask you, have you ever been to a socialist country? Holland? Austria? Germany? Sweden? Finland? … or are you just talking our of your propaganda hole? You know the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and Cambodia are all DICTATORSHIPS, right? And they all practice COMMUNISM, not socialism. David DeSantis You’re very juvenile. What was the traumatic experience that froze you in adolescence? I think that is what you need to solve. Morris Hudson – Hey, great personal attack.
Do you have any knowledge or actual input or are you here to make insipid comments like an a$$hole? Any time you want to comment on the content of my post, I’m listening. Want to ONLY make personal attacks (with zero substance), then you will be ignored. I know, as a Conservative, it’s easy to avoid facts and go directly to feelings and personal attacks. Try and get over it and use some logic. But if you did use logic, you would no longer be ignorant, and therefore, no longer a conservative.

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