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Not really a way to talk about yourself is it? Is attacks on a person’s looks the best you can do? Isn’t that a bit nursery school? Maybe you got it from your kids. I didn’t start throwing insults around when I couldn’t come back with a coherent argument to an incorrect comment, you did that. You need to grow up and teach your kids not to be as ugly and basic as you. Not good traits to have. he used would’ve. An abbreviation of would have. I see you cannot read properly and instead of graciously accepting you are wrong, you resort to personal insults. You poor, simpleton. Why don’t you grow up? Please, please, please let him quit. If it has to be the Tories, Rishi Sunak seems to be the only one who is compos mentis. Otherwise let’s have a GE and let the people vote on his record to date. Although good knows they’re easily pleased. don’t be fooled because he has a nice suit and can string a sentence together. Remember the reason he ended up in number 11 was because he was prepared to yield control to Cummings, unlike his predecessor, plus his voting record as others have said is lickspittle all the way. haven’t they succumbed to herd immunity? His approval rating is far higher than Johnson’s and he’s the only one who’s not completely tone deaf. he’s still a Tory. Unfortunately they have a majority and are likely to remain in office for the time being so at least have a competent Tory. How fantastic does Cameron seem now in comparison… Anthony Bunnage I’m not even convinced it is the old, white man in the shires who really chooses, it’s they’re big money backers who are furious at economic damage and giving vent via right wing press who can barely find anything positive to say.