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This woman will never own enough Books and Yarn hoodie

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If you looked, you would see that most judges that have turned it down are democratic. I mean must be realistic everything is political. But that actually plays into trumps hand because then when it goes to higher courts…he wants it to go to the Supreme Court. He will win then. Affidavits prove mistakes and other irregularities but not voter fraud? that’s one of the funniest and most contradictory statements I’ve read in a long time. That is the actual definition of fraud. True American and see what happened. If you want to deny it, that is your choice and I respect that. One thing I’ve always known to be true is that eventually the truth comes out. It may not be in my time but eventually it will. You’re right, you wanted Trump gone so you cheated and got dominion systems in place to switch votes, …to not allow pollsters to view counts, to extend voting, mass mail in voting fraud. If your moral compass is OK with cheating then that’s on you. But I think most of Americans even Democrats know that it is a very broken system. Rules were changed judicially and not legislatively. 90% of your argument is literally repeating CNN rhetoric. I can go on and on and argue with you but I’m not going to waste my breath because it’s not gonna change your mind just like telling me what you heard on CNN isn’t going to change my mind. So, by mentioning the Dem judges you’re saying that judges cannot be unbiased? And there were REPUBLICAN judges appointed by Trump who dismissed the cases too. HELLO? I’m waiting for you to give me the name of one judge who ruled in his favor regarding ANY sort of voter fraud. Certainly if the affidavits were compelling, the cases would have moved forward. That’s really all I’m interested in talking about with Trump supporters because it’s the only thing that matters. Show me the evidence. It’s been three weeks.

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