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I respectfully disagree with you. While your beating him down on foreign policy. Remember . He’s the only recent president to not get us in to a new war and his work with our greatest ally . Israel has been phenomenal and ground breaking. Debbie Taylor Angelico are you joking ? Didn’t Bush and all involved get accused and subsequently proven that there were NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ??? I mean I’m only 51 but I seem to remember this distinctly. Come on now.
You don’t like Trump. I get it. I just simply said I disagree with you. You shoulda left Bush out this one.smh Trump hasn’t started any new wars and here you are defending a President who started a War without provocation. Damn that’s crazy to me. It’s ok Bc he said sorry. He hasn’t made our Country stronger… We have a pandemic that’s running rampant people out of work some permanently many kids unable to go to school and lines still forming for food with no end in sight… And what has he been doing since election night tweeting about a rigged election! I find it rather ironic the only States he’s contesting are the ones he lost in! This election wasn’t about policy it was about character… Donald Trump tweeted out a week before the election that Osama Bin laden was still alive and that it was a body double that was killed. Absolutely no President would ever call a successful mission where a group of men risked their life to kill Osama bin laden a HOAX! Admiral William Mcraven who commanded Seal Team 6 who served this Country for four decades lifelong Republican… Indicated he was voting for Joe Biden he had seen and heard enough from this President! Donald Trump cozies up to our enemies and pisses off our allies that has never been in this Country’s best interest!