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Phillips took partners through the important features of MyCSP. Including updates on Microsoft programmes, a deal desk where partners could register their deals, and support from Microsoft.

These and other resources could help partners build and add value to their businesses, she said.

‘MyCSP is a great way to build annuity revenue and we saw how important that was in 2020 with COVID,” she said.

A lot of work had been done in Partner Central which was also where leads and referrals were being generated from the Microsoft marketplace or by notified opportunities from Microsoft-managed accounts.

More and more features were being added, she said, including analysis to help navigate “partner of record” files and competencies, incentives and co-op funds for marketing.

Head of product and commerce at Umbrellar, Alex Basan, leads the developers and engineers working on MyCSP.

Basan said some really big features were coming, with the main one to be released in mid February being MyCSP analytics.

This would deliver information on subscriptions, for instance, and add value based on knowledge Umbrellar had about partners’ customers.

It would allow them to make decisions based on real data around measures such as churn and expose how much partners had saved by working through Umbrellar.

Basan said his team was also working on better alignment between the MyCSP product catalogue and Microsoft’s. A discounts function had also been added, allowing partners to specify discounts per product category or for specific customers.

Additional information on order history and upgrades and downgrades of licenses had also been included.