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That must be so hard. I am glad you posted. I am glad your Dr asked u to stay home. I am glad you prioritise your mother’s life. May you have fun in your bubble of safety. What brings you joy today ? I live in Australia, and my state (Victoria) has had to go back a step. This week we have had every day another spike in cases, but nothing like yours. In the whole of Australia there have been about 103 deaths and maybe 7000 cases (perhaps more). I am so sorry that it is particularly hard for you. I really hope things improve soon. I have friends in Florida and Texas which have also been hard hit. Do take care, there are people thinking of you. You are doing the right thing for your family. If you lose friends due to their ignorance, so be it. You are taking care of your family which is your first priority! From the coast of North Carolina. Bless you and your family, nothing like what you are experiencing has hit us here in Melbourne Australia, but we struggle with the same idiots here who have no understanding or compassion to do the right thing. I hope your family is ok and gets through this horrific time.

Respect the virus. Protect yourself and u r family. Stay uplifted and positive. It will pass. What is worrying is people’s behaviour…. I don’t know where people’s manners and morals & respect for human life and property has gone. So sad. You are doing the best thing for yourself and your mum. We have just had some more restrictions placed on us here in Melbourne, but our family will abide totally because we like you know that a small sacrifice now will mean things will get better all the sooner. Stay strong, Australia sends lots of love. A mother deserves a massive sacrifice. I put my life on hold to take care of my mother while she had an aggressive cancer for 27 months until she died. There have been professional, financial and personal repercussions. She was worth the sacrifice.