WKRP First Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Drop shirt, hoodie, tank top


WKRP First Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Drop shirt 0

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There’s not a sane person on the planet who opposes this, the only thing I oppose is specialized rights in the workplace for one group of employees that doesn’t apply to others!  can you check why your application sees me as spam and prevents me from sharing my art in different art groups? my opinion of you is; You are a hypocrite, as a person who wields so much power can speak of equality and justice, having in view so much inequality which you represent yourself.? maybe you post too quickly at the same time? Happened to me with a comment I copied and pasted under a fraudulent posting to win a falsely packaged I phone. Marked me as spam.
That goes of course only if you had it only once or tried everything possible to post your art in these groups. if so then I’m truly sorry and I’m at a loss to help you. Hope it will be sorted out. Maybe try to install Facebook again? Or upgrade to the newest version? You mean that Facebook does not fix the problem, I have to wait for an update to come out, or delete the application to see if as a fault the problem disappears, I do not understand. sorry. Get the newest version in your app store. Or delete Facebook app and then install it again. Maybe it will fix it then.
Apart from that or that you may post to quickly the same pictures in several groups I don’t know what’s the issue here is. Good luck! I copied the link of my post, and copied it in the group, but now it keeps loading the link and tells me that I am spam, that is the problem. I am going to uninstall and delete the apk and do what it suggests, you work for Facebook ? I don’t work for Facebook. I would never ever work for the Zuckerdouche.

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